I want you to take me down, down, down to the depth of your heart
Trap me down in the shady waters where the sharks do roam…
Let those tender waves seduce me, dance and float around me,
lure me into long gone waters, watch them rise and fall.

I want you to take me far, far, far to the deserts of your mind.
Empty skies will shine down on me, I´ll feast on sand and stones.
I want you to take me down, down, down to the depth of my heart
follow me to the pits of longing, watch me as I drown.

My heart`s a cat whom god has given seven, eight, nine lives.
You have taken two already, but I still survive.

Heart is burning, slowly turning, wanting, haunting, flaunting, taunting, ooh that´s what I want.
heart is aching, then start´s waking, chasing, racing, wasting, tasting, oooh, that´s want i want
give me what I need, show me what´s to see.
Give me what I want so badly, show me what I need so sadly.

I want you to take me far, far, far from the deserts of my mind.
Where from ancient times still linger beasts and curses and spells.
Lose myself in all you tell me, all those prettty lies I long for,
I will try to catch and bind them, read their secret code…

I met you so long ago in far and distant times.
Barren landscapes did surround us, beautiful and wild….


Time just carries us away, so what about the things, we love and leave behind?
Can we lose the things we had or do they stay our own, although they seem to disappear?
Future`s reaching out, one step and then is now, so will something remain of you and me?

Time is speeding up, then calming down again, the world is spinning round, then I let go.
Future´s getting close, the past slipping away, I never wanted you to leave that way.
Submerging in my memories, they keep me warm and safe, firmly holding on to what I think I know.

Distances arise, how can we stay the same? I`m stretching out my arms to reach for you.
Future`s reaching out, one step and then is now, so will something remain of you and me?
Time is standing still, I feel your breath upon my skin, I feel the ground beneath my feet begin to carry me away….

Is love

Is love the joy, that I feel, when you’re by my side?
Is love the pain, when you’re gone?
Is love the warmth of your skin lying next to mine,
the sting of a smile not meant for me?
Is love the longing for something that might not last?
A moment, a passion, a fear, a smile,
forever changing its shapes, as it drifts along,
travelling through life and back?

Love takes so many shapes, when it comes and goes,
old love and new love never stay around.

Is love the physical yearning I feel for you,
is it the craving to lose myself?
Is love the knowledge that I want to be with you,
can it be indecisive, too?
Love takes so many shapes, when it comes and goes,
you play the same game, over and over again…

Is love a snowflake or is it eternity,
a shiver, a tremble, a tear, a sigh,
is live a tree with it´s roots gently growing,
a blessing, a curse, a blossom, a thorn?
Love takes so many shapes, when it comes and goes,
you don´t know what love is, ’til it´s gone away…

My secret love

The water falls upon her head
with drip a drop it takes away
his finger´s touch, his skin, his scent,
she never wants to feel again.

The water falls with drip a drop
it takes away what she once lost.
The water falls upon her head.
His skin, his scent are gone again.

She feels his touch
she hears him breathe,
she melts away like days long gone.
He lingers on, he fills her world
with silent dreams to big to bear.

My secret love you hold the key
to all the worlds that´ll never be.
My secret love you hold the key
to all I ever want to be.

So come to me my silent love
you hold the key to open up
the silent words come pouring down
they wash away what you once known.

Different Stories

I miss you, each and ev´ry minute, I look for you under each stone.
Where did our story lead us, where did all the pictures go?

I search the sand and the land, the bottom of the sea
I roam the foam of beer and water.
Behind the shadow of a cat just about to catch a mouse
I look for hidden meanings.
I take a look if you took the chocolate that I hid
Is there a trace of a kiss in the corner of the bed?
The hair in the sink, are you still attached to it
and where`s the happy ending?

I climb the string that connects the kite to the ground
I fall and I follow the mole to its hole,
In the snowflakes crystal cold, in the deserts blazing heat
I search for revelation
In the pirates hiding place I have a cup of tea
In the dragons den I trace a smell of you and me
the suns reflection in my eyes, the tap of little feet
all point to different directions, all point to different directions…

Each of us has a different story to tell….

At the start our dreams seem to overlap
We were part of the same adventure
but now you´re story took a different turn
you chose a different ending.

In the pocket of my jeans, where i keep my lucky charms
I lost track of the key, that once belonged to our hearts
The lines in my face still reflect your smile
But you chose a different ending, you chose a different ending
Each of us has a different story to tell…


I fall out of love and i dance and i sparkle, I flutter, I float and I dive.
A beautiful autumn leave drifting along, my colours will set you ablaze.
The wind takes me up and gravity down, there´s clouds in my hands and they take me up high.

And I fall and I fall and I fall…

I fall out of love and i dance and i sparkle, I glitter, I glimmer, I shine.
A beautiful raindrop reflecting the sun, a shimmering diamond, a gem.
I`ll drench all you thirst and I´ll drown all you sorrows, your mem’ries will get all shiny and new.
I’ll moisten you eyes and I´ll cool down you worries, I´ll make you forget, like you forgot me…

And I fall and I fall and I fall…

I fall out of love and i drift and I sparkle, I shiver, I float and I dive.
Unspoken words remain in the distance, you´ll never catch me alive.
My feet in your shoes will run away quickly in circles and squares ’til they find someone new.

And I fall and I fall and I fall…

Plucking Petals

I love you hopelessly, childishly, wildy and mildly, passionately and kindly, i love you not.
I love you hopefully, madly, sometimes sadly, mostly gladly i love you not.
Play with me, laugh with me, let me be me with me, let’s colour the ground and the sky.

I want you boldly, cowardly, morning or night, playfully, teasingly, with all of my might, i want you not.

Go away and come back to me, let me roam and find home again, let me fly and find ground again,
let´s share and dare and then declare – i love you not.

Petals surround me and each one astounds me, I do and you don’t, I will, but you won’t; I cry and you hide, I see you and sigh, love is evasive, but I will still chase it; I’m inside and outside; I’m up and I’m down and I’m trying to find my way out.

I love you not.


There`s clouds passing through a clear, blue sky. Dragons and Castles and birthday cakes.
Summer is passing over my skin, touching the sky with a cheerful grin.

There´s clouds passing through a cloudless sky, lending a hand to eternity.
Sun’s dripping down, a golden flow, gently covering my head and toes.

Let´s play clouds, let´s play clouds.

Let´s play clouds, i can smell the rain, let’s pretend we are, who we are.
i can be a hero and you can be a child; you can be a princess and i can be your lover.

Let´s play clouds, i can feel the rain, let’s forget, we are who we are.
We can merge together and play hide and seek in the mist, that covers all we could have been.

There’s clouds passing through an endless sky, sun is melting them away.
summer is tenderly lending a hand, leading you to a distant land.

Let´s play clouds, let´s play clouds.

Let´s play clouds, i can smell the rain, let’s forget, who we are.
if you decide to be a bird, I will be a tree, happy roots dangling down from a clear, blue sky.

Let´s play clouds, i can smell the rain, let’s pretend, we are, who we are.
if you decide to be a bird, I will be a tree, looking over all those pretty flowes as they grow…

Under Water

Sometimes I´m so scared of life, morning finds me hiding in my bed and just the morning sun is allowed into my room .
And then I think about the sea, cool blue embracing me and gradually I lose the fear of drowning.

Under water I feel safe, under water I feel sound, gently carried by the waves to places yet unknown.
Under water i can breathe, under water I can´t drown, under water gravity is giving in to space.

Sometimes when I wake up, reality confuses me, the story that I find myself in doesn´t feel like home… Then I take a dip into the sea, a different reality, a salty wind that takes me far away..

Under water you will never find me anywhere, under water, all the worries of the world just leave me and I let my body sink into the deep blue sea…


Winter is coming, the whole world is humming.
Stillness is creeping, the whole world is sleeping.

Snowflakes are falling, I´m secretly calling
out for somebody to hold.

Then trees are shaking
the world is awaking and snow
is melting down.

Stillness is humming, secretly strumming
all of those strings between you and me.

Snowflakes are wasting away while we`re tasting
all of those pleasures, that nature holds.

My arms are waiting, anticipating
your sweet embracing
no more wasting
precious time.

Soon you´ll be near me,
I already hear you
call out my name.

Still alive

I´m in love with life
for the very first time again.
I´m in love with life.

Everything starts now and ends
and I float on the green of the leaves.
Carries me so far away,
I’m riding high on the tide.

I’m bound for the West and I’m doing my best
not to get lost.

And I’m still alive.

Rules are changing daily in the games that we play,
We get lost in our ways and carried away
with the prospect of winning and then everything ends
and the Nortwind is blowing again.

I´m in love with the South and alive with the East
and the Northwind keeps blowing so hard.

And I´m still alive.

If you’re lost where you are
you still made it this far.
And you know that is somewhere from where to start,
Take a step, then the next, whereever that may lead,
be prepared for a brand new day.

Say good-bye to me now,
i`m not prepared to feel any more pain.
I’ll be at the heart of it and you might not be part of it,
soon I will be gone.

As soon as the Westwind is blowing again
I gonna set sails and move on.

And I’m still alive.

Her Story

Grandma come and tell us, tell us all a story of the days long gone by.
How you miss the sea and who your friends would be and was it you that played the harp.
i see pretty girls, skating on the ice rink, rushing home for tea.
Sharing little secrets, lauging, giggling, falling, sharing dreams and secret loves.
You loved the town, the freedom, going out to dance in high heeled shoes and pretty dresses.
You were strong and daring, that is what you tell me, with a very slender waist…

Grandmother will you come, bake me a cake, just like you used to do.
Grandmother will you come, and take my hand? I see myself in you.
I see myself in you, I see my mother, I see the woman, the girl and the child.
I see the lover, the mother, the friend, I see yourself in you.

History runs right through you, tell me all about it, tell the story of your life.
You made the world go round, you wanted everything, you dared the world.

Grandma come and tell us, tell us all story of the days the world came tumbling down on you.
When the Wordl War started, you were struck by lightning and you learned to leave the things you love behind.
Tell us how you crossed the ice and caught the last train out, your little brother by the hand.
How you met my grandpa, how you worked the fields and always missed urbanity.
Tell us how the wall was rising, right there through the village, separating friends and family.
Food was sparse, still you bartered crop for china, then the good times slowly did come round.


Grandma come and tell us, tell us all a story of the days long gone by.
Grandpa got a good job, then you got a radio, neighbours came by for the radioplay.
Partys, then your first car, children fast growing and you went to see the world.
The apron you embroidered still hanges in my kitchen, next to your first salad bowl.
You taught me all there is to know like knitting, sowing, cooking, grandpa taught me how to swim.
I see my face in yours, i recognize your smile, i see the little girl still in your eyes.

Your Song

I hold your heart in my hand fluttering softly
a scared little bird to frightened to fly.
I hold your heart in my hand and I feel it breathing,
in and out – an ancient flow.

Your song is yet to be sung.

I hold your heart in my hand and its rhythm is growing
into something strange and alive.
I hold you heart in my hand and it’s getting closer.
with every beat, i’m melting away.

Your song is yet be sung.

I hold your heart in my hand and I almost stop breathing.
The trust in your eyes is causing me pain.
I hold in my hand, fragile and beautiful.
The pulse of its beating is making me smile.

Your song is yet to be sung.